Activist Afternoons

CAST partners with other activist groups to participate in Activist Afternoons – on Sundays from 4 – 6 pm at Workbar, 45 Prospect Street, Cambridge – to take action on the issues and elections we care about, and help bring about important political changes. Activist Afternoons is a regular, non-partisan organizing event.

January Coalition

In December 2017, CAST co-founded the January Coalition, a group of grassroots organizations and individuals that came together to work on creating the Cambridge/Boston Women’s March 2018: The People Persist, a rally to mark the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration and the Women’s March. On January 20, 2018 more than 10,000 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration on the Cambridge Common. Politicians, social justice activists, and other persistent resisters raised their voices, their signs, and their hopes to protect democracy.

In the aftermath of the January 2018 Rally, members of this Coalition have continued to meet and support one another’s organizations and efforts. Outreach is continuing to expand the Coalition to include more groups and a greater diversity of communities and social justice issues. In addition, the January Coalition plans to work together in conjunction with its new members to create an anniversarial event every January.

Read the 2018 Coalition’s Statement of Values.

#SorryCharlie Coalition

CAST has joined with members of Indivisible Mystic Valley and Progressive Massachusetts to create a campaign to help people realize that Massachusetts deserves a better Governor than Charlie Baker, and to provide information about Baker’s track record so that MA residents can more effectively hold him accountable for corruption, mismanagement, and resistance to popular reforms.

The Coalition has a website to support its goals, with useful information about Baker’s record, and ways to challenge him electorally and in his role as sitting Governor: Included on this site is a downloadable trifold flyer being distributed widely called Baker’s Dirty Dozen, listing thirteen reasons why Baker needs to go.

Veterans for Peace

In our peacekeeping efforts at public events, CAST has been proud to partner with the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of Veterans for Peace (VFP). Our peacekeeping team  works closely with our VFP colleagues and other local peacekeepers on training, coordination with event planners and police, briefings/debriefings, and maintaining the overall safety of all those attending public protests – protesters and counter-protesters alike.