Mission and Goals

Mission Statement: To promote and defend human rights, civil rights, social justice, and the environment by building a diverse and sustainable community of activism.

Goals: Central to our mission is supporting one another and all concerned residents in the Cambridge area who embrace our purpose. In the face of executive, legislative, and judicial decisions that undermine our democracy, we commit to the following goals:

  • Support a strong, diverse base for social justice efforts in the Cambridge area (Cambridge and neighboring communities) to respond to and resist governmental actions which threaten human rights, civil rights, social justice, or the environment.
  • Encourage sustainable and inclusive activism as we stand up for safety and respect for all our communities.
  • Engage in nonviolent actions (demonstrations, lobbying, civil disobedience, etc.) to protect and promote progressive policies.
  • Empower progressive candidates at all levels of government, including working on their campaigns.
  • Inform CAST members about local and national resistance campaigns/actions, and facilitate those efforts whenever possible.
  • Develop effective networking, communication, and collaboration with other groups/individuals who share our values, to enhance all of our efforts.
  • Promote and nurture the leadership of young activists.
  • Facilitate the participation of community members in relevant training opportunities (anti-racism, bystander awareness/intervention, nonviolent civil disobedience, etc.) to support our collective learning and growth as peace and justice activists.