Coordinating Committee

CAST is led by a group of activists with a strong commitment to political organizing and social justice. Our leadership team is called the Coordinating Committee and is responsible for ensuring that CAST remains true to its mission and goals. The responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Administrative tasks
  • Legal and Fiscal oversight
  • Managing External Relations with other organizations, the media, public agencies, and elected officials

Those who develop a track record of leadership in one or more other committees are the pool from which most of our future Coordinating Committee members will be chosen.

Coordinating Committee Members:
  • Nancy Alach
  • Peter Ciurczak
  • Gail Epstein
  • Rose Hanig
  • Maureen Kelledy
  • Maura Pensak
  • Hillary Peterson

Email: info@castmass.org