After the November 8, 2016 election, several people who worked on the Cambridge for Hillary general election campaign decided to tap their energy, commitment, and effectiveness to resist the Republican and Trump agendas. This dedicated group wanted to protect and preserve what they valued about our city, the Greater Boston area, our state, and our country. Starting with a small volunteer planning team, Cambridge Area Stronger Together (CAST) was created, and working subcommittees were formed to do the following:

  • Clarify our mission and goals.
  • Develop a working structure.
  • Develop lobbying ideas.
  • Begin planning direct actions.
  • Consider ways to use social media effectively.

The original planning team that grew out of the Cambridge for Hillary campaign included those registered as Democrats and Unenrolled, and those who supported both Bernie and Hillary in the Primaries. Some individuals were long time grassroots activists; others were just learning about organizing outside of electoral politics. Some had worked on other Democratic Campaigns. CAST’s core planning team brought diverse experiences and backgrounds to its mission and vision.

Several preliminary meetings later, CAST started to move forward. The planning team held its first Open Meeting in February 2017 to bring together interested people in the Cambridge area to:

  • Learn about CAST’s mission and goals.
  • Help CAST develop outreach plans to create a diverse community of activism.
  • Identify other local groups to collaborate and partner with.
  • Discuss projects aligned with a broader resistance movement in our area.
  • Brainstorm next steps for the short and longer term.
  • Recruit new members to work on specific committees and tasks.

CAST finalized its Bylaws and was incorporated as a Massachusetts nonprofit organization in August 2018.